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What is GoMiner

How Gominer Works?

Buy Gotoken (GT)

Register and Buy Gotoken from our Pre-sale and have a chance to save up to 100% and avail the big discount from each succeeding rounds.

Start Mining using your GT:

Purchase a hashpower using your Gotokens and earn GT and Bitcoins Daily. All-new mining contracts have one year validity and with a FREE 14 days electricity fee.

Pay as You Go System

Pay only what you use, Compare to other cloud mining. we offer a very short contract as 2 weeks, Pre pay or Add Days later if you think your mining are profitable.

Stake or Withdraw your profits

Mining starts instantly right after you purchase your mining contract.
Stake your earnings or Withdraw earnings without a fee.

Multi Mining Simulator

Note: This Simulation is estimate only, mining rewards can be less than or more than in actual.

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

More Profits

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Saves Energy

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Adjustable Hashrate

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

To Single Algorithim

Overclock Enable

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Volatility Protection

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Why Multimining?

Up to 150-300% Profitable

Gominer GMX-R1 Technology uses Multiple Trusted 3rd party Api accomplished with Our Private Neural Network to predict chain of profitable crypto currency. This unique approach maximize the performance of crypto mining and guaranteed increase the profit potency compared to a single algorithm mining.

Efficient Energy

Multi-mining can be very energy efficient by prioritizing the most effective coin to mine at the moment. Bitcoin mining difficulty are sometimes more volatile and hard to mine compare to other Crypto. Our smart multi mining system automatically determines the most efficient and effective coin to mine and will save both Energy and wasted Computing power.

Asset Diversification

Asset diversification is a Feature to Protect the Company Asset incase of Market Dump and Capitulation. Most of the Time BTC Suffers the most when capitulation, To Protect the Clients and Investors Assets, we Diversify the Mining to reduce the risk of Liquidation and ofcourse to receive more profits when market is on Bullish state compared to Single Algorithm.


Key features of GoMiner.

Token Based Cloud Mining

Gominer is the First Cloud Mining Service powered by Gotokens (GT), Hashpower Contracts and Maintenance Contracts are purchased using Gotoken.

Smart Mining System

To gain and secure profits, Gominer system is powered by Private Neural Network to predict and select the list of profitable crypto in terms of network difficulty and value.

Rapid TX

With Gominer RAPIDTX System its using our Fully Advanced Blockchain API, We Proccess all Transactions almost instantly, In/Out Seamless Transaction.

Multiminer Asic

Gominer Invented the NEXT generation Mining ASIC uses our New Multi-Mining Technology,
Multiple and Simultaneously Mining Algorithm (MSMA).

Why Choose Gominer?

Fast Support

Our company’s 24/7 live support are eager to fulfill every clients requests in every way in real time.

  • ✔️ Escalate Account Issue Instantly
  • ✔️ Recover 2 Step Login
  • ✔️ Ask us how to use Gominer
  • ✔️ Legal Consent about Gominer
  • Live Dashboard

    With our live dashboard you can monitor everything that happens on your mining processes and earnings in real time.

  • ✔️ Monitor your Earnings in Realtime
  • ✔️ Monitor your RIGS Temperature in Realtime
  • ✔️ Monitor your Wattage usage in Realtime
  • ✔️ Monitor Your Multi Algorithm Hashpower in Realtime
  • Reward System

    Invite your friends to Gominer and get a great amount of Token if your friends purchased a hashpower.

  • ✔️ Free 30 GH for every 1 User you connect with Gominer.
  • ✔️ Up to 20% of Bonus for each succesful Bounty.
  • ✔️ Weekly Rewards for all Inviter and Invitees.
  • ✔️ Gain bonus by using the referral link.
  • Maximize Profits

    With our Expert Mining Group and Advanced Mining Algorithm, Optimized for Maximum profit compare to Traditional Mining Services.

  • ✔️ Free 14 Days No Electricity Fee every contract.
  • ✔️ Mined all Profitable Crypto at once.
  • ✔️ Profitable even in Expired Contract.
  • ✔️ Automatic Convert All Mined assets to GT & BTC ( no Fees ).

    Sign Up Create New Gominer Account


    Login and Register to be a member of Gominer. Users can enjoy all the features of the Gominer platforms once they are registered.

    Secured User Data

    All data are protected by our advanced security system.

    Friendly Community

    Upon login users will be a part of a large crypto mining industry.


    Top-up your Bitcoin

    Load your Bitcoin to your Wallet. Your Bitcoin Balance will be used to start availing all the features of Gominer.


    Buy GoToken

    Convert your Bitcoin to GoToken. GoToken is the universal currency used to purchase all the features of Gominer. GoToken can be use for Trading, Stacking and Mining.


    Buy Hashpower

    The last step is to convert your GoToken to Hashpower that will be used to mine. Users will profit depending on the Hashrate that they will avail.


    Withdraw Earnings

    Secure your Funds to your Personal Wallet, Withdraw your earnings as (BTC) Bitcoin.

    Gominer Mine Multiple Currency at once with using our service, all your earnings automatically converted to Gotoken (GT) and your GT can be Converted to BTC using our (temp) Internal Converter without fees and to our Future Internal Exchange.

    NEXT-GEN Asic

    GMXr1 is the next generation of asic that has the latest 5NM chipset specifically designed for Gominer Project, and also has the Latest multi mining algorithm System that enhances the performance to its maximum potential thus lower the cost of energy consumption and provide the highest earning for miners.

    Gominer Dashboard

    Web Platform

    Access Gominer Web Platform and Control your Account

    • Web Wallet
    • Token Sale Page
    • Buy Hashpower page
    • Token Staking
    • Bounty System
    • Multi Mining Platform Statistics
    • User Community
    • Interact with many users like other Social media
    App Screen

    Gominer Mobile App

    Gominer Offers a Android and IOS Application for you.
    Acces Gominer anywhere with your phone, Monitor your Earnings, Live Statistics of your Mining Contract, Access your GT and BTC Wallet Features Anywhere and Anytime.

    • Multi level Secured Application.
    • Control your mining anywhere.
    • Send and Receive BTC/GT Anytime.
    The roadmap to success

    Gominer major goals


    Gominer Team

    Jack Ethan Mayler
    CEO & Founder of Go Miner.

    Jack Ethan Mayler

    CEO & Founder of Go Miner.

    Master of science in computer science, Master of software engineering, founder of Gominer Mining Company, a visionary with 15 years of experience in managing and monitoring organizational functions and marketing strategies. His exhaustive insight into cryptocurrency mining services, product enhancements, market statistics, and product positioning has helped Gominer escalate a respectable stature in the competitive market in a sophisticated way.

    Eric Matt Liamison
    COO & Blockchain Developer.

    Eric Matt Liamison

    COO & Blockchain Developer.

    Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSE), Full-time software engineer for over 15 years of experience as a senior software engineer & team leader in Blockchain App ,Wallet App and ICO Developer, Lead Developer of (GSS) Go System Software, A Software perfectly design to balance and stables hash power on the long run without any system downtime and delay, because of its unique Hybrid A.I Technology able to perform better and faster transferring data on our back up rigs, preventing anomalies simultaneously.

    Cedric John Maude
    CFO & our leading Industry Expert.

    Cedric John Maude

    CFO & our leading Industry Expert.

    Master of science in Business Administration, with 15 years of experience in financing, business development, and management. One of the Main Investors of Gominer Mining Company and Gominer Biological Research Team, Expert on sales, advertising and marketing management, ICO advisor/speaker, business strategist and multi-purpose marketer.

    Vincent Lloyd Whitm
    Director of Community Development.

    Vincent Lloyd Whitm

    Director of Community Development.

    Vincent aided multiple companies, institutions and organizations to become successful by developing and communicating with their brand and mission more efficient through his skills and dedication. He is acknowledged by multiple well-known companies because of his skills such as helping companies secure annual funds.

    Jenny Lewey Lauren
    IT Professional & Software Development.

    Jenny Lewey Lauren

    IT Professional & Software Development.

    Achieved expertise in various technologies with extensive background in system management, security and support solution. Proven ability to lead and motivate teams to maximize levels of productivity. Jenny is an expert in software programs acquired from a broad range of experience from different job titles from well-known companies such as IBM. With her great skills, she is assigned on the improvements of software programs, existing or new and the assurance in the quality of work of the team.


    Josh Daniel Leris
    Advisor on Financial Analyst

    Josh Daniel Leris

    Advisor on Financial Analyst

    With more than 10 years of experience in data analysis, Daniel is valued and acknowledge by most of the well-known companies. The knowledge of Daniel in digital marketing and data interpreting brought a boundless value in his previous companies such as IBM and Dell, and his great strategic skills were proved by well-known company such as Amazon.

    Mathew Nick Nereo
    Advisor on Digital Marketing

    Mathew Nick Nereo

    Advisor on Digital Marketing

    Mathew acquired a wide range of experience in executive positions in business development, marketing and sales in different countries such as in United Kingdom an United States. With his experience, he became an expert in complex internationalization and cutting edge technology. With more than 12 years of experience in technology with various top private companies and government organizations.

    Our Whitepaper


    Read the Whitepaper

    Learn more About Gominer Project.


    We list a few faq about cryptocurrency and about our company below. If you have other questions not listed here, please contact us thru email or live support.

    What is GoToken?

    Gotoken is a digital cryptocurrency, Based on SCRYPT (POS) with a total supply of 4,000,000,000.

    Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used as a medium of exchange, difficult to counterfeit because of the security feature of it. Bitcoin is the first blockchain cryptocurrency and still the most valuable cryptocurrency today. You may find more information on this topic here.

    Here is a simple explanation about what bitcoin is. We have different currencies in the world such as, dollar, yen and euro, and then there is bitcoin, unlike other currencies, bitcoin is decentralized, not controlled by an organization like government or banks. Bitcoin is used by millions of people all over the world and continuously increasing. Every hour, thousand dollars worth of bitcoins are traded with no medium or middle man and therefore, no transaction fees are deducted. An example is we send money to people thru remittance centers and they charge us for remittance fee, but bitcoin can be sent through the blockchain network with a little fee's.

    Cloud mining is the process of mining cryptocurrencies through cloud. Mining companies provide the mining hardware, electricity and maintenance. This opportunity gives the user an advantage of mining cryptocurrency without the need of purchasing their own mining hardware at home, therefore, users may save space, time, risk and money.

    Mining pool is the pooling of resources by miners who share their processing power over a network to split the reward equally, according to the amount of work they contributed to the probability of finding a block. Gominer company have our own mining pool to mine all profitable altcoins like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and etc. GOMINER MULTIPOOL is a POOL MINING system. Block time and the price on the exchanges are the two key factors involved in the algorithm to calculates profitability. GOMINER MULTIPOOL will automatically exchange the mined coin to a coin that is accepted generally for example "bitcoin". the advantage of this method is to avoid the need for many different wallets for all possible mineable coins. Another advantage of GOMINER MULTIPOOL is to possibly receive more bitcoin currency than mining that currency alone because the most profitable coins are being mined then sold for the intended coin (bitcoin). Using this method also increases demand on the intended coin, which has the side effect of increasing or stabilizing the value of the intended coin. Mining Pools allow miners to come together and pool their computing power in order to increase the chance of mining a Bitcoin block, therefore, our company provided our own mining pool exclusively for GMX owners for maximum profitability.

    "Altcoin" is a combination of two words: "alt" and "coin"; alt signifying 'alternative' and coin signifying (in essence) 'cryptocurrency.' Thus together they imply a category of cryptocurrency that is alternative to the digital currency Bitcoin. After the success story of Bitcoin, many other peer-to-peer digital currencies have emerged in an attempt to imitate that success. While Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and remains the best-known, it is now only one of hundreds of cryptocurrencies, which all seek to improve upon Bitcoin in various ways.

    What is Gominer?

    Gominer aims to be the NEXT generation cloud mining, offer's a multiple algorithm mining and advanced Cloud Mining Platform. Read more about gominer

    Gotoken can be use in many various way including staking, cloud mining, trading and many more. Learn more About Gotoken

    Our System Mines Multiple Crypto Currency at once including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, sia, Zcash and many more, Therefore All Mined coins are automatically converted to Gotoken in realtime to protect our clients to volatility.

    All Hashing Power are valid for 1 year. Maintenance fees are not included in your Hashing Contract. Gominer allows you to pre-pay Gominer Fees to cover any Overhead earnings such as admin fees, electricity fees, local farm engineer fees and more.

  • All new Cloud Mining Contracts comes with a Free 14 Days Gominer electricity and maintenance fees.
  • After your 14 Days Free Electricity Trial or Gominer Fees Trial, Gominer Earn when user prepay their Gominer Fees ( electricity fees ) and also gominer earns when we sold out Hashing power, Sales of GMX-r1, Exclusive partners with 3rd party and many more.

    You dont have to worry about us, Gominer Project will run even in non profitable or break even scenario for us until 2022.

    Overclocking Allows your Hashpower to produce 30% more power, with Cooldown of 12 hours for non premium users.

    How to sign up at Gominer?

    Register HERE.

  • Fill up the Requirement Fields upon registration page
  • Set your Secure password

  • Validate Your Email Address
  • Setup a 2FA to protect your account ( optional )
  • You will need to confirm your email address to enjoy the 100% Features of Gominer.

  • Go to your Email Provider and Click the Activate or Confirm Button to validate your account
  • if the confirmation does not sent to your email please check after 2 minutes or check your other email folders such a spam.
  • First you will need to Buy your Gotoken to our Token Sale

    Step by step: Buying Hashpower

  • 1. Deposit your Bitcoin to your personal Gominer Wallet HERE
  • 2. Buy Gotoken from Token Sale Page HERE
  • 3. and Finally Buy your Hashpower HERE
  • You can use our Simplified or Advanced Buy hashpower page to purchase a Hashpower

    Withdraw your Bitcoin Balance from your wallet Here

  • Just simply go to the Wallet page and CLICK the Send Button, you will need to put a valid Bitcoin Wallet Address to withdraw your bitcoin balance.
  • Convert your earnings to Bitcoin

  • Mined rewards are convertable to bitcoin without a fees, use the Convert function from your wallet page or from dashboard page to convert your Rewarded GT to Bitcoins
  • Fees may change without prior notice due to the (movement) cryptocurrency value.

    Gominer Fees

  • This is the Fee's used by our pay as you go system when you have a active Cloud Mining Contract with us
    ( During your first contract all GOminer fees are free for 14 days ).
  • Deposit fees

  • We don’t charge any amount for deposits on your bitcoin wallet or gominer wallet. thou fees are charged from other wallet service provider for sending payment to gominer. These transactions are made outside gominer and we don’t have the control for these.
  • Withdrawal fees

  • We Don't charge any Withdrawal fees once a day.
  • We don’t accept credit card payments at the moment, this option is under development and will be available in the nearest future.

    One of our company’s mission is to create a user-friendly system for every client, thus, upon creating your account on Gominer, everything is set and ready to use.

    You may check your active balance on Wallet page and to your Dashboard page.

    With Gominer token staking, you can earn GoTokens daily without any fees unlike Cloud Mining.Gominer gives staking investors a profit of 2% of their total investments a day. This earning percentage of 2% increases for up to 4% if an investor continues his staking to the 7th week

    Full details of Token Staking can be seen Here

    Definition of Staking - Proof of Stake (PoS) concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins a staking investor holds. This means that the more Bitcoin or altcoin is staked, the more profit a staker may earn.

    Cloud Mining Contract contains the amount of hashpower and the length of days you will mine cryptocurrencies on Gominer.

    Compare to traditional and classic cloud mining from other competitors, Gominer offers a Pay as you go system to offer a very cheap hashing contracts

  • Gominer fees pays the Mining Farm Staffs, Admins, Electricity Fees, hardware maintenance and ETC.
  • With our Pay as you go System, you can add more Days,weeks or months to your Existing Mining Contract
  • Gominer offers a Limited Features with a free 14 DAYS No Electricity fees or Gominer Fees to all new Hashpower contracts.
  • When your free 14 days free electricity / Gominer maintenance fee expires, you will be automatically charged with fees that will be deducted on your profits. However, with our “Pay as you go system”, you can prepay and add more days, weeks or months on your existing Mining Contract to prevent the system deduct fees from your earnings.

    What is Bounty and Invite System?

    Every Gominer client have their own unique invite link which can be shared with anyone. You will be rewarded for anyone who registers and invest using your inviter link.

    1. Invite your Friends

  • You will Instantly receive 30 GH/s when someone use your Link Upon Signing Up.Everytime someone use your invite link and buy hashpower, you will receive a 10% of the hashpower that your invited user / bounty purchased. Also, you will receive 1% of your bounties’ total earnings weekly.
  • 2. Use your friends link

  • You Will Receive a 5% Bonus Everytime you Purchase a Hashpower Contract.
  • You Will Receive a Total of 1% from Your Leader Earnings.
  • Google Authy and 2FA

    Our company uses google authy and 2FA which are known for its precise web security.

    Google Authy

    to activate google Authy, you must first download the application at https://authy.com/download/, after downloading, login to your account and go to security settings and follow these steps:

    a QR code will be shown and you will need to scan this code using Authy, after this copy the generated code and paste it google authy activation box located on the security settings page and finally confirm the activation.

    2FA activation

    To activate 2FA, simply login to your account and go to your dashboard, go to security settings then select 2FA security.

    Our users have an option to activate only one of these security apps at a time as it may result in technical problems in your account Upon activation, the user will be requested to complete a certain security challenge for each login or any transaction.

    Our company is using an SMS authentication which are known for their privacy security using their own phone.

    SMS Authentication

    Enter in your cellphone number (country code in the first box, full phone number in the second box).

    The Code will send to your private number so make sure that your registered number is always active.

    Important notice

    Make sure that your registered number is always active

    Security is one of our most priority, with this reason, our company is trusted by multiple investors and acknowledged by numerous well-known companies.

    -By doing a backup for every account to secure accounts from hackers and restoring your account from its safe state.

    -90% of Funds are safely secured to our Hardware Cold Wallets to protect users assets.

    -Large amount of withdrawals will be handle by our advanced security to verify the requested transaction.

    Our Partners

    Daily Allocation

  • An allocation of 71,428,571 supply of Gominer Tokens are availabe for purchase each day.
  • You will receive a bonus of 10% - 15% GH depending on the total purchase of Go Token each day. The bonus percentage changes everytime a certain amount of Gominer tokens are sold.