Wallet System

GoMiner provides a secure and friendly-user crypto wallet for all the registered user. The UI is designed as simple as it can be so the user will understand all of the function they needed to receive and send cryptocurrency. The system is enhance and programed to communicate efficiently to all blockchain system available.

Since Gominer is using a decentralized system, security is a lot safer compared to other platform but there are still people who wants to set additional wall for their accounts. Gominer has its own features that can be integrated to every account of the user. Added security can be given to the users account for a fee. VIP users that apply for premium membership will be given additional features on their account that increases the security of their wallet.

What GM Wallets can do for you?

GM Wallet is very simple, secure and with lots cool features. It provides an easy way to buy and send cryptocurrencies all over the world.

Private Wallet via Android Phone

The wallet is accessible securely through any android phone using Gominer mobile application.

Send and Received BTC payments

There is no fee for transactions that are exclusively using Gominer's wallet.

Instant Withdrawal

Free of charge on users first withdrawal daily and is directly transferred to users account.


Strong level of security provided by our experts engineered.


Exchange System

Crypto Exchange allows users to securely trade their deposited Bitcoin or earned coins for our GT Token. Trading depends on the actions of both users they can set their preferred buying and selling margin. Crypto exchange is a lot like stock exchange or currency exchange users can both engage in internal or external exchanges. The system is able to send coins internally through the users account or send it to different platform wallet. Gominer is a direct trading platform that will be use for the transactions. Gominer Exchange System guaranteed the low cost of trading fee so the user can maximize their trading benefit. Our platform secures the user information so they can have the confident trading inside or outside the platform.

Fix trading fee at 0.5%

Small fee to maximize your trading income. Users are entitled to a 7 days free trial.

Crypto Mining Community

Friendly Community for updates, broadcast, debate and connection focus on crypto mining trading

2FA Security / KYC

Two Factor Real Time Authentication Security for inside and outside the platform

GM Crypto Social Media

Connect with millions of people and create limitless opportunities to earn and be a part of one of the largest growing crypto mining community. Gominer build a community for the crypto mining industry, our very own social media platform is made for all type of users all around the globe.

Gathering all types of information about the crypto industry is made easier because of the Gominer social platform. The community teaches all miners from the expertise and experiences of other users who shares it on the platform. Like any other social media, users can see the activities of other users and learn from their trades. They can follow and leave a comment from other users account to discuss anything they want. Get advises from expert miners and earn more through their actions.

Join now and earn with our growing community.

Staking System

Staking cryptocurrency gives the currency holders some power on crypto network. In staking crypto, users hold their crypto for the reason of earning. Profiting from the interest of holded coins is one of the priority but on the top of that staking, it helps the currency to uplift the value of the staked coins.

Gominer staking platform is designed secured for all the users. Gominer staking platform is powered with the company's other platform to help all the users to connect and share their ideas. Gominer powerful platform are confident to increase the trust of the user and to increase the value of staked coins.

Investors have a fixed percentage of 2% of their total token investments and gives a bonus percentage every week.

Total Daily Income(%) + Weekly Bonus(%) Total Income per day(%)
1st Week 2% + 10% 2.20%
2nd Week 2% + 20% 2.40%
3rd Week 2% + 35% 2.75%
4th Week 2% + 50% 3.00%
5th Week 2% + 70% 3.40%
6th Week 2% + 85% 3.70%
7th Week 2% + 100% 4.00%
*Users can claim their investments together with their profits after 14 days.
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