What is Cloud Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the foundation of the Bitcoin ecosystem. It is powered with a dedicated hardware and algorithm to function. Miners provide the security and the confirmation of a Bitcoin transaction. But the downside of Bitcoin mining is the cost of the Hardware and the consumption of power, not to mention the noisiness of the functional hardware. By all of the downside of this traditional Bitcoin mining, Cloud Mining emerged the market of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, in cloud mining most of the people is given a chance to get involved in crypto mining without investing a large amount buying hardware for mining.

Gominer Cloud Mining

With Gominer Cloud Mining Platform you can benefit the following compared using other Cloud Mining Company

✔️ Cheap Yearly Hashing Contracts

✔️ Free 14 Days Electricity Fees

✔️ Pay as you go System ( Electricity Base )

✔️ Profitable even if expired contract

✔️ Transparent Data

✔️ Diversify Mining (Multi Miner)

✔️ Volatility Protection

✔️ Instant Activation

✔️ Instant Approval of Outgoing & Incoming Asset

✔️ Realtime Mining Rewards

✔️ Overclock Free for everyone

🚀 Sign Up FREE 300 GH Lifetime
GM Dashboard

GM Dashboard design for Multialgorithm Mining

The dashboard is designed to be user friendly in managing users activities and finances. Graphical presentation of all transactions and records are shown to the users for transparency.

  • Percentage of current mining allocation.
  • Linear graph of daily earning.
  • Control Panel for all users settings.
  • Real time mining data of hashrate and users token vault.
  • Users rig's wattage and temperature information.
  • Social media platform dedicated to Gominer community.
  • Global timeline with users activities.
  • User's wallet analytic information.

Key Features

Our Cloud Mining is the best because of these features.

Token Based Cloud Mining

For Every 1 Tokens you purchased you will receive 0.63 G/H that can mine bitcoins and altcoins.

Automatic Mining System

GM System algorithm calculates the most profitable crypto currency and mines them.

Up to 150% more Profitable

Gominer GMX-R1 Technology Uses the Multiple Exchange Api and a our Private Neural network to Predict which one is the Most Profitable Crypto Currency

Security Diversification

Crypto currency is very volatile we preferred to Diversify our Assets instead of Mining Bitcoin alone, Gominer does Multiple Mining which gain up to 150% profit and saves 30-40% Electricity, to secure our Client's investment.

Start Your Business

Estimated earnings per investment in per terahash. Profit computed for 1 day, 7 days and monthly investment.


Upgradable mining rig invented by Gominer Inc. It is one of the most powerful and energy efficient rig in the cryptocurrency market today. GMX-R1 can mine multiple algorithms such as Sha-256, blake2b, blake2b-Sia, X11, Equihash, EThash and Cryptonight.

Mining Comparison

Gominer better from the rest of other Cloud Mining.

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Smart Mining Algorithm

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Smart Mining Algo is the capability of the rigs to choose the most profitable cryptocurrency

Energy Saver

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Low energy cost is equivalent to minimal mining fee. Meaning more profuit.

Fully Functional Mobile Apps

Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Mobile apps helps the user to monitor or control their earning while on the go.


Gominer Multi Mining

Competitors Classic Single Mining

Combined all the advanced factor, Multiple and Smart Algorithm earning is guaranteed.
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